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Bus Simulator 16 Update v0.0.768.7023 - BAT

Dodał: chomikuj Data: 2-05-2016, 13:21

Bus Simulator 16 Update v0.0.768.7023 - BAT

Bus Simulator 16 Update v0.0.768.7023 - BAT

Performance optimizations:
Improved runtime performance / FPS
(Effects may vary depending on the users system components)
New graphics settings which enable users to perform additional performance optimizations:
Controller for the adjustment of the number of AI pedestrians on the sidewalks (This setting doesn't affect the number of passengers)
Controller for the adjustment of the number of AI vehicles on the streets
Option to turn off all decorative objects within the city (such as trash cans, benches, etc.)

Bug fixes:
Indicators and taillights of NPC cars can now also be seen in cockpit and first person view (previously only visible in 3rd person perspective)
Minor clipping errors in and on buses resolved
Speedometer now displays the correct speed
Turn signal levers are now located on the correct side in all buses

New features:
VSync graphics option implemented

AI cars are generally driving a bit faster and braking less abrupt now.
In the bus shop you can now see all the buses included in the game, even those who aren't available yet. Currently still locked buses are grayed out in the shop.
Texture Modding: Imported textures now behave the same as the original ones (e.g. the anisotropic filtering of road textures is now also enabled for modded textures)
Fun mission Bus Race: Timeout increased (15 min.)

Wymagana instalacja wcześniejszego Update'a- Bus.Simulator.16.Update.v0.0.754.6956-BAT!

Rozmiar: 246 MB
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Hasło: YaGo

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